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My questions
1. Who is the first person you turn to when something happens (good or bad)? Andrea, Nicole, Amy- depends what it is. 
2. Who is the person you are closest to in your family? Uh, Nicole, P, and T are now considered my family so them. No one I’m blood related to. 
3. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Math - some years English but some not. Psych classes in undergrad and clinical classes in grad school. 
4. What time do you usually go to sleep? Totally varies! Last night before 10pm, probably closer to 1am tonight. 
5. What does your daily routine usually look like? Varies daily!
6. What is your favorite month of the year? June
7. What is the one thing that never fails to make you smile? Hugs and love from “my” kids (T and P) even in the worst of times. 
8. What was your favorite childhood toy? Barbies
9. What is your favorite website? Not sure if I have one. Perhaps tumblr. 
10. Describe yourself in one word. Mosaic
11. What’s a hidden talent you have? My swimming and running abilities tend to surprise people who haven’t met me and just look at me. I’m also pretty artistic and I can text really quickly without looking.

11 questions for others…

1. Do you have or want children?
2. What is your favorite season and why?
3.Would you rather never have dessert or have sweets for every meal (nutritional aspects aside)?
4. Disney Channel or Nickelodeon? (I’m 28 and if I can answer this question, you can too)
5. Favorite number?
6. Do you prefer manicures or pedicures (if you could only have one)?
7. Describe how you typically dress.
8. If you could have any job within any career field without regard to schooling, what would you do and why?
9. What are some of your worst habits?
10. What are some of your best/healthiest habits?
11. If you could change only one thing about your current circumstances what would it be?

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Anonymous asked: how many hours a week do you work? what does a typical workweek/workday look like for you? how much of that is with timeslots with clients and how much of that is paperwork, preparation, office, stuff like that?

Well I only get paid per session so I’m not so great at keeping track of how much time I spend on other things besides sessions, especially since I tend to do a lot of prep work or the minimal paperwork I have, at home.

As far as how much I work, it unfortunately varies. I was having 20+ sessions a week (individual and group) back in late May but when summer started, my caseload died down quiet a bit. Now I’m lucky if I have 10-12 sessions a week, but I am hoping it increases again soon.

Because I work in a private group practice (and my supervisor handles all the insurance stuff) I only have to keep small progress notes for my own liability records (in case I’m ever sued).

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Anonymous asked: How about a social skills group? Can you give an example of how you've run one as well as a coworker? Just like a general, first we do this, then we do this, etc. I've never done any kind of group therapy so I have no idea what groups are even like or what people do in them.

So a social skills group will usually involve starting off with an ice breaker, and then a check-in. During the check-in, I might provide some insight (or ask group members to share insight) if a client brings up something that was upsetting to them. Then usually we do an activity that involves positive social support or a game that involves looking at socially acceptable behavior.

I tend to even do social skills groups as very process-based so it’s about the bonding and what happens in the room, whereas I have a coworker who would focus more on discussing social pragmatics, understanding emotions, etc.

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Anonymous asked: In what ways do you and your coworkers run groups differently?

I tend to integrate a lot of art into groups, and I often let my clients choose the direction of the group, even if I have a plan in mind. It’s very client-centered. My coworker who also runs a lot of groups tends to have a more structured plan.

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Anonymous asked: Can you describe what a typical group session with adolescents is like?

Completely depends on the group. DBT skills group? Support group? Psychodynamic group? Social skills group? Also depends on the therapist! My coworkers and I run groups very differently as well.